Lucrezia Alcorn is a Brooklyn, NY, based photographer. Born in Florence, Italy, in 1985, she was exposed at an early age to a confluence of creative disciplines and practices, beginning with her parents, the painter and printmaker Stephen Alcorn and the botanical artist and textile designer Sabina Alcorn. The artistic links extend to her grandfather, celebrated graphic designer John Alcorn (1935-1992) and her uncle, Thomas John Alcorn (1956-1974), whose photographs were published posthumously by Rizzoli in 1976. These seminal influences imparted a profound and lasting appreciation and respect for all things humanist, and inspired a body of work that favors quiet and thoughtful deliberation over the ephemeral and the accidental, striking a balance between Apollonian analysis and Dionysian intuition. Her holistic worldview informs and fuels her long-standing commitment to the warm materiality of her craft, and supports the psychological insight she brings to her work, particularly in the realm of portraiture. 

/  Lucrezia with Barbara Morgan, photographer and co-founder of the photography magazine Aperture, 1991



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